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What type of alarm generated and how it is generated?

When the cameras detect a new event through video analysis software, such analysis sent to the server, which generates an alarm. This alarm can be of various types: sound siren, alarm lights, sending email or mobile phone all the time.
Video analysis:
Continued use in the military industry, storage of toxic or valuable substances, as well as in short amounts to or called high security.


Perimeter Security

> The main application of intelligent video surveillance systems is the perimeter security. Within the perimeter video analysis, these systems are able to differentiate between people, vehicles and other objects and detect elements that move from one area to another or objects that remain in an area for a certain time.

License Plate Recognition

> Another common application is the license plate recognition. These solutions can recognize license plates on public roads, parked or moving, and compare data with predefined lists of fees. Intelligent Recognition of license plate, already installed in numerous Spanish and European cities, has enabled security Forces immediate identification of suspects and their subsequent detection. Currently, some manufacturers have developed innovative solutions other than those focused on personal safety applications. Thus we find intelligent systems Aerial counting able to assess the frequency of passage, the volume of people in one place, meet peak times or control the generation of queues at a counter.

Marketing actions

> Other highlights of the market are systems analysis based heat maps Heat Map or video, designed to determine the optimum arrangement of the different exhibitors in a store, analyze customer traffic and learn, among other things, hot and cold areas of the store, applications that optimize marketing activities carried out in commercial establishments. There are many reasons to bet based on video analysis solutions. Cover different market needs, significantly reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of traditional CCTV systems. Video analysis not only multiplies the reliability of large video surveillance installations to automate the monitoring of the cameras, but is the best ally in making the most of security installations.


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