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In a few seconds the Fogger fills the room with dense fog protection harmless, so that the thief finds it impossible to see your own hand in front of his face.
We are talking to virtually little minute, you can not distinguish aa 40 cm


Fog generator

Highly recommended for jewelers, tobacconists, optical, and any company vulnerable thefts
Three words that define the next generation theft protection – fog protection. Unlike surveillance cameras, the fog protection instantly stops thieves. The Fog precludes their ability to view, completely disorienting.

Summarizing a thief can never steal what they can not see.

Fog security Both Large spaces and confined spaces

There is virtually no local produce, which can not be protected by the fog protection. Every day our Fog Generators protect companies of all sizes around the world. They avoid big losses, the high premiums of insurance companies and unpleasant experiences caused by theft and vandalism. (It is approved in more than 40 countries)

Fog security resembles smoke, but. The Fog is completely safe and harmless and also those caused accidentally shooting can be easily avoided.

Example: http://youtu.be/JpcgURFucdU



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