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Internal theft

It is theft committed by employees of the company as well as employees of others related occupationally, which is also understood as internal theft, because suppliers and subcontractors often have the same access privileges to the employees of the company.

There are statistically less theft or fraud by internal to external approach; but usually treated with high amounts, the overall figure increases considerably, matching a shoplifting losses.

90% of staff had been involved in dishonest behavior, 32% admitted having eaten foods without pay, 29% said not declaring spending tent material , 22% had slowly worked on purpose, 17% went absent without legitimate excuse and 50% had faked an injury or illness (Ex .: excuse flu).

The annual report of the London House and the Food Marketing Institute


The average of theft for all employees currently reaches 5 € / employee / week, which annually represents € 260 per employee.
Chamber of Commerce estimated that 30% of all business failures are related to some kind of internal theft. Fraud generally costs the US economy between 2 and 5% of GNP, which can reach making it the crime of the twentieth century.



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