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CCTV IP is a visual surveillance technology that combines the benefits of analog traditional CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) with digital advantages of IP communication networks (Internet Protocol), allowing local oversight and / or remote images and audio and digital image processing for applications such as license plate recognition or facial recognition among others.


Most modern facilities are abandoning analog technology for IP video surveillance, given its versatility, functionality, simplicity and optimization of existing infrastructure in the company.


The most striking developments


  • Wireless capabilities that eliminate even the laying of cables, include high image resolution offered by megapixel (1.3 megapixel …) cameras,
  • The inclusion of intelligence systems for video processing and event management or digital counters. You can capture video and store a few frames per second or activate recording in specific circumstances either by motion detection in a given area or slots.
  • High rates of compression to avoid high consumption of bandwidth and storage space, with standards like H.264 , significantly simplify storage in NVR ( Network Video Recorders )
  •  Video servers over other formats such as video Motion JPEGMPEG-4.

These technological advances have meant that consultants such as IP Video Market, in its report ‘Video Surveillance Market Size and Forecast Guide 2010’, consider that the market for IP video surveillance overtake CCTV (Analog) between 2010 and 2012, an increase of 200%.


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