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Once the alarm starts running, or active depending on the installed system, this can take action automatically. For example: If the intrusion of a person to a particular area is detected, it can send a phone message to one or several numbers.

Using the phone to send messages, signals or events are used for 60 years but since 2005 with the digitization of telephone networks, communication is no longer safe, telephony currently essolo another link and should you send messages using GPRS server IP receptor officiating signals or events addresses, self connectivity of IP networks is also used.

If the presence of smoke or heat is detected, send a message to “monitoring service” or trigger the opening of sprinklers on the roof to extinguish the fire. If the presence of toxic agents in an area is detected, close the doors so that the problem does not expand.

For this, the alarm must have input connections for different types of detectors and output connections to activate other devices that are concerned with sounding the siren, sprinklers open or close the doors.

All alarm systems bring input connections to the detectors and at least one output for siren. If no other outlet connections operation communicate to a monitoring service, open the sprinkler or close the doors must be done manually by an operator.


One of the most widespread uses of an alarm system is to warn the raid on a home or property. Formerly alarm equipment may be connected to a central station, also called central station, the owner himself (via telephone or TCP / IP) or simply meet the deterrent function, activating a siren (Siren power shall be governed by different laws state security or region).

Currently there are services “Internet monitoring” that do not use a “central station” or a “central station” but shared Internet networks where signals or events smartphones (smartphones), tablets and laptops connected directly derived Internet using an open source browser, send the information directly to who should receive it, users or owners of services, technical personnel to repair false alarm monitoring operators quienen verify signals that require human processing and authority application (Police, Fire, etc) for the case of real events where the state must intervene.

For communication with Central Station Alarm old or a current “monitoring service” on the Internet, you need a means of communication, as they could be: the old PSTN phone line or GSM GPRS channel of a line, a transmitter RF or via TCP / IP transmission using an ADSL broadband connection, TCP / IP wireless links and Internet services CableModem cable.



An alarm system consists of several devices connected to a processing plant.

Central processing

Is the system CPU. It motherboard, power and main memory are housed. This part of the system is receiving the different signals that different sensors can emit, and acts accordingly, triggering the alarm, communicating with “monitoring service” through a modem communicator incorporated or not TCP / IP, GPRS or radio transmitter. Is fed by alternating current and any supporting a battery in case of power outage, would give the system a range between 12 hours and 4 days (depending on the capacity of the battery).


It is the most common and easy to identify in an alarm item. There is a telephone-type keypad. Its main function is to allow authorized users (usually by preset code) arm (enable) and unset (off) the system. In addition to this basic function, the keyboard may have feature buttons such as: Medical Emergency, Intrusion, Fire, etc. Moreover, the keyboard is the most common means by which the control panel is configured.

Cabinet outdoor siren

It is the most visible from the outside of the property protected item. This is a mermaid with autonomy (may work even if you cut the AC power or if communication with the processor core is lost) placed inside a protective enclosure (metal, polycarbonate, etc). You can also have different lighting systems that work together with the sonic deterrent. The outdoor siren is optional and in some discouraged sites, whereas the internal siren is mandatory in accordance with European and American standards.

Motion detectors (PIR)

Are sensors detecting temperature changes and movement. If these sensors detect motion while the sistemaconectado will trigger the alarm. Detectors are also sold with the intention of missing pets, such as dogs and cats. The use of detectors “antimascota” animal is not suggested as both the lack of detection and reliability for non-production of false alarms is seriously affected. There are also detectors using microwave Doppler effect. Alone or combined with PIR sensors are much more reliable than just PIP; infrared barriers or polysubstituted beam detect the passage of an intruder when interrupted beams.

Auto Switches

This is a sensor that forms a closed by a magnet and a sensitive touch that separated, change status (can be programmed as NC or NO) causing a jump alarm circuit. It is used in doors and windows, placing a portion of the sensor into the frame and another on the door or window itself.

Inertial or seismic sensors

They are prepared to detect blows on a base. Especially placed in safes, also on doors, walls and windows. Detect the attempt to force it open

Glass break detectors

They are microphonic detectors, activated to detect acute sound frequency of breaking glass.

Lapa (termovelocimetrico detector):

Element attached to a safe. It warns of a possible butrón or attempted sabotage it. Termovelocimetrico adopted the name as inside houses three types of serial detectors, a temperature change, seismic, and one motion.

Detector fallen people (dead man)

Wireless element that detects fading or dropping singles.


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