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Closed circuit television or CCTV (stands for closed circuit television) circuit is videovigilanciadiseñada technology to monitor a variety of environments and activities.

It is called closed, that, contrary to what happens with the media, all components are linked. Furthermore, unlike conventional television, this is designed for a limited number of viewers system.


What this made the circuit?

The circuit can be made just by one or more surveillance cameras connected to one or more video monitors or televisions , which reproduce the images captured by the cameras. Although, to improve the system, are often directly connected network or link for other components such as videos or computers




> Are fixed at a certain place. In a modern system cameras used can be controlled remotely from a control room, where you can set your pan, zoom, tilt and zoom. This type of cameras are called PTZ (acronym for pan-tilt-zoom)

Night vision

> These systems include Night Vision , computer-assisted operations and motion detection , which makes the system be on alert when something moves in front of the cameras. The clarity of the images may be excellent, can be transformed from dark to light levels. All these qualities make the use of CCTV has grown dramatically in recent years.



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